16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve

Miniature Horse Showmanship Program

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Taught by multiple World Champion & International Equine Coach, Lana Grieve,
watch her introduce natural showmanship methods to 3 year old Ashlyn, 2 year old Teeny Tally,

10 month old Lily and demonstrate a finished example with World Champion Showmanship Horse, 4 year old Brooklyn. 

This in-depth program with never before seen drills focus on the ultimate
control, body flexibility, and collection through your Showmanship pattern.
Whether your horse is beginning Showmanship training or is an experienced
pattern horse, this program will benefit the quality of your performance,
build confidence, and refine your language with your horse
 to the highest level of presentation.

Stopping and Leading Exercise
Vertical Head Collection
Formal Backing
Curved Back & Launch (Walk)
Curved Back & Launch (Trot)
Circle Collecting
Pivoting (Forequarter Control)
Pivoting (Back Leg Refinement)
How to Set Up Correctly
Left Hind Leg Button
Left Front Leg Button (Set Up)
Right Front Leg Button (Set Up)
Closing Maneuvers

Pull Turning

Curved Back & Launch

Introducing the Chain
Handler Footwork
Body Positioning

Walk to Trot Transition
Showmanship Walk & Trotting Pace

Finished Showmanship Example