16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve

Online Private Lesson + 3 Month School Membership

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Online private horsemanship lesson with Lana Grieve personally. HOW TO participate in your lesson:

Submit up to 4 videos via Facebook messenger to Lana directly. You can submit up to 4 videos no longer than 3 minutes long each. Lana wants to see you working with your horse naturally at your skill level and your horse's skill level. Show her your training routine, your workout, and what your horse does naturally. 

Lana will watch your footage closely and write back to you with detailed training advice and step by step instruction on how to troubleshoot your training stages.

Lana DOES NOT accept phone calls due to the volume of messages she receives, so all correspondence and coaching will be via email or Facebook messenger.

Please allow Lana up to 5 business days to review your footage and reply. 

COST for lesson is $50. This includes Lana studying your videos and one (1) detailed training reply in writing by Lana personally.

Lana recommends studying the Basic-Advanced Groundwork program prior to your lesson so you can fully understand and grasp her coaching to the fullest extent. 

Upon purchase of your lesson, you can email Lana at starpointhorsemanship@hotmail.com and submit your information and videos. You can also message her directly on Facebook on the Star Point Horsemanship page and submit your videos there for review. You will have a 30 day deadline to submit your lesson videos for review. 

You can also request to join the Star Point School Group on Facebook with access to exclusive videos, student questions, and the Groundwork eBook. Within the 3 month school group, you can ask additional training questions and learn from other student examples. You will have the OPTION to submit your VIDEO LESSON within the group platform, or to Lana privately. 

STAR POINT SCHOOL LINK - REQUEST TO JOIN upon purchase - https://www.facebook.com/groups/starpointhorsemanship/