16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve

Miniature Groundwork & Spooky Object

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Watch Zoey, a 3 year-old Miniature Pinto Mare from the So Cal Mini Horse Scantuary learn core groundwork exercises in the Star Point Horsemanship method and begin her journey to discovering her personality while building everlasting trust and a partnership to last her lifetime. ORDER her training series now and start your own journey to making a difference in a rescue horse's life. Learn the methods, build the bond, and establish everlasting trust and partnership with any horse at any level.

Exercise List for Zoey -  (2 Disc Set)

Breaking Down the 5 Body Parts of the Horse

Stopping and Leading Exercise

Building Confidence with Training Stick

Hindquarter Control

Hindquarter Control & Backing

Army Backing Drill

Straight Formal Backing

Hindquarter Side Pass

Straight Side Passing

Circle Collecting Exercise

How to Correct Veering while Leading/Stopping

Introducing Obstacles & Building Confidence

Desensitizing to Spray Bottle

Desensitizing to Hose Water

Spooky Object Introductions

Forequarter Control Exercise/Pivot Foundation