16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve

Optimize Your Groundwork

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The first Star Point Horsemanship training program led by APHA World Champion, Journalist and Horses-U.com Coach, Lana Grieve is Optimize Your Groundwork, a series of 9 beginning to advanced ground exercises to enhance the control of your horse using natural methods.

Communicating through a series of body language cues, Lana shows the stages of each exercise demonstrating her (at the time of video shooting) 3 year-old World Champion mare, Only By Grace (aka Lizzie) to represent the goal of each exercise, followed by a green horse example to give viewers a realistic idea of how their horse’s will react and respond to these exercises as they’re becoming proficient in reading their handler’s cues. By teaching the horse to respect you on the ground first, it sets a solid foundation for your horse to reference under saddle.

Whether you trail ride, show competitively or are defining your horsemanship direction, Lana will give you the tools to become a teammate with your horse and show you essential tools to develop a subtle communication style to build on for years to come. By completing the Optimize Your Groundwork program, it will give you the necessary foundation to advance to specific training series in Star Point Horsemanship’s program.


Stopping & Leading Exercise

Hindquarter Control

Hindquarter Control & Backing

Backing at the Stand Still Exercise #1

Backing at the Stand Still Exercise #2

Switching Sides - Hindquarter/Forequarter

Beginning Side Passing

Advanced Side Passing - Facing the Horse

Advanced Side Passing - Toward Handler