Star Point Horsemanship - APHA, AMHA & PtHA World Champion, Lana Grieve
  • Star Point Miniature Weanling Training Halter 30" & under

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    Introducing the Star Point Horsemanship Miniature Training Halter (PATENT PENDING,) a versatile, all-around training halter for the Miniature Horse to assist through all levels of training. Enjoy the benefits of a regular style halter equipped with a complete 4 knotted noseband and braided for additional strength and style. The Star Point Horsemanship Miniature Training Halter can be used as an everyday tool on your Miniature Horse in the barn and in the arena. It allows a handler to tie their horse with a safe fitting halter. It allows the safe and effective use of maximizing natural horsemanship groundwork to graduate a Miniature Horse to the highest level of competitive horse showing using the Star Point Horsemanship training methods.

    The revolutionary design made exclusively for the Miniature Horse will aid in teaching your horse basic to advanced maneuvers safely without the worry of an ill-fitting halter. Guiding your Miniature Horse with a regular lead line attached to the base round brass ring under the horse’s chin, you can lead your horse through all levels of training with the added security of correct fit and the added benefits of a four knotted rope noseband.


    With the one-of-a-kind four knotted noseband on the halter, this construction will create natural pressure by bumping your hand downward or sideways and teach your Miniature Horse to respond to you promptly without having to be forced to use stud chains or whips exclusively. It gives the handler the ability to correct their horses kindly, yet firmly, establishing respectful walking and trotting direction in-hand and while pulling a cart. The four knotted noseband helps create adequate body control within all five body parts of the Miniature Horse's body including the head, neck, shoulders, rib cage and hindquarters.


    With the gained and advanced ability of the complete four knotted noseband made from heavy duty sailing rope, a handler can teach their horse to round their bodies, soften their ribcages, and lift their bodies to be collected for formal in-hand trail obstacle and showmanship pattern competition. The Star Point Horsemanship Miniature Training Halter also acts as a tool to begin formal cart pulling training with a Miniature Horse. Simply latch on your reins to the two round brass side rings on either side of the halter and then through your harness on the horse's back to create a bit-less ground driving experience that's safe and effective for a beginner horse. This method will allow the horse to become familiar with vertical head collection pressure before introducing a bit to their mouth, greatly aiding in vertical and lateral head collection for cart training.


    Along with the versatility through training, the Star Point Horsemanship Miniature Training Halter acts as a practical, every day tool for cross tying or traditional tying. It gives the handler the ability to correct their horses backward or sideways with the knotted noseband while ensuring a safe, non-slip tying situation with the mesh halter body and brass latch rings.  Whether you show your Miniature Horse at a competitive level or simply wish to excel in every day handling or therapy related work, the Star Point Horsemanship Miniature Horse Training Halter is a practical solution for all Miniature Horse enthusiasts.