16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve
  • Basic-Intermediate Miniature Horse Groundwork + Rope Halter

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    New for 2017! Introducing the 2nd Edition of the worldwide popular Miniature Horse Groundwork Program. In this Basic to Intermediate Level Program, watch Tesla, a 4 year old Miniature Stallion, learn and progress through the 16 core Star Point Horsemanship groundwork exercises for the very first time on camera. Taught by 2016 AMHA World Champion and Clinician, Lana Grieve, this 2 disc DVD set features over 2 hours of unedited footage. Appropriate for all ages and levels of Miniature Horses and handlers. By following the Star Point Foundation, you can graduate to the Star Point Advanced Programs with ease. The complete exercise list includes:


    The Stopping & Leading Exercise

    Hindquarter Control Exercise

    Leading Troubleshooting using Hindquarter Control Exercise

    Trot, Stop, Trot Drill

    Hindquarter Control & Introducing Backing

    Straight Formal Backing

    Forequarter Shoulder Control (Foundation to Pivot Turns)

    Circle Collecting Exercise (Figure 8 Drills)

    DISC 2:

    Hindquarter & Forequarter Drill

    Curved Backing 101

    Hindquarter Control & Introducing Side Passing

    Side Passing in Front of Handler

    Side Passing Toward Handler

    Head Collection/Flexing