16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve
  • Longe Line & Shankless Liberty DVD Set

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    Introducing the Star Point Horsemanship Miniature Horse Longe Line & Foundation to Liberty Training DVD. Do you dream of being able to perform shankless with your Miniature Horse? By studying Lana Grieve's in depth training series featuring over 15 exercises, turn Longe Line into a constructive purpose, teach your horse to read your body language on the most refined level and graduate to achieving ultimate body control of your Miniature Horse. Whether you show competitively or simply want to establish a deeper connection and relationship with your horse, this 2 disc DVD set is bound to take your in-hand horsemanship to the next level.

    DVD List - estimated runtime 4 hours, 2 discs.

    Finished Demonstration of Liberty Work with 3 year old Bolt

    Green Lesson Examples with 1 year old Brooklyn and 4 year old Tesla including:

    Stopping & Leading Exercise

    Hindquarter Control Exercise

    Backing Up By Halter Pressure

    Longe Line Intro

    Introducing Natural Longe Line

    Longe Line & Hindquarter Control

    Longe Line Drill - Hindquarters & Backing

    Changing Direction on the Longe Line

    Drawing Your Horse Into Your Body - Hindquarters

    Liberty Leading, Hindquarter Placement & Backing Drill

    Liberty Troubleshooting & Free Lungeing

    Body Language Refinery for Handler