16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve

Foundational Training Series DIGITAL LINK + FREE ROPE HALTER

$39.95 $30.00

Introducing the Star Point Horsemanship Foundational Training Series. Featuring 6 month-old, 22" tall baby Eclipse, watch Lana begin her raw training on camera. Beginning with fundamental training performing for the very first time by Eclipse, learn the method of troubleshooting and success with beginning lead line training, hindquarter control, backing, desensitizing, haltering, clipping, picking up feet for the farrier, and correcting behavior to and at the barn to enhance the listening ability of your horse. Whether you own a  young horse just beginning their training or a mature horse needing a refresher in their manners and respect, study this in depth program and improve the relationship with any age/training level of horse.