16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve

Basic Level In Hand Trail DVD

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Introducing the NEW Basic Level In Hand Trail DVD taught by APHA, AMHA & PtHA In Hand Trail World Champion, Lana Grieve. Watching 3 year old Zoey transform from being a Rescue Horse to a Show Horse, continue to follow her progress after 6 weeks of training as she is introduced to obstacles. Incorporating her Groundwork foundation, watch Lana guide Zoey through the Basic Level and introductory In-Hand Trail drills that rapidly polish you and your horse for more complex and advanced courses. It is highly advised to watch and study one of the Star Point Horsemanship Groundwork programs prior to beginning the formal In-Hand Trail drills taught on this DVD. Add on the new Groundwork/Spooky Object DVD Set for only $15!

DVD Exercise List:

Stop and Look Exercise

Feet Placement

Stopping Between Obstacles

How to Correct a Horse that Drags their Back Feet

Trot, Stop Trot Drill with Poles

Pole Measurements

L Shaped Back Thru - Hindquarter Control

L Shaped Back Thru - Forequarter Control

How To Correct A Horse's Mistakes During Trail Practice

Straight Backing Thru Logs and Body Balance

Straight Side Passing Introduction

L Shaped Side Passing - How to Break it Down

How to Correct Veering/Overstepping While Side Passing