16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve

Introducing the School of Miniature Horsemanship, an online based learning platform in a private Facebook group.

The School of Miniature Horsemanship is designed for all levels of Miniature Horse & Pony owners to learn, excel at and achieve their personal goals. Whether you are an experienced Mini or Pony owner, a competitor, practice therapy work, own rescue horses, or want to establish a safe, working relationship with your Mini or Pony, this is the group for you.

In this private group, you will be able to:

Post your videos of the pattern and receive personal coaching from Lana Grieve.

Study and read the all-new Star Point Horsemanship Groundwork Training Manual and ask your personal questions.

Gain access to exclusive short video lessons from Lana to aid you in your training journey.

Post your personal questions and videos and receive a response from Lana on how to self-help.

Upon purchase, you will be added to the Facebook Group - Star Point Horsemanship -School of Miniature Horsemanship, and you will receive access to the all new Star Point Horsemanship Groundwork Training Manual, a Star Point Horsemanship DVD Program of your choice, one 4 knotted rope training halter and one lead rope!

What are you waiting for? Reach for the stars with your Miniature Horse or Pony!