16x AMHA/APHA/PtHA World Champion - Lana Grieve

Groundwork extraordinaire and multiple World Champion, Lana Grieve of Star Point Horsemanship is a Professional Equine Coach and Author. Introducing her innovative methods to the equestrian industry in 2015, she launched her website, www.starpointhorsemanship.com, after the release of her training DVDs for full sized equines.

Winning her first World Championship in 2013 with her APHA mare Only By Grace, Lana entered the American Miniature Horse Association shortly thereafter staying true to her heart with what she is passionate about – groundwork specialty. 

Attaining a World Championship in Open Halter Obstacle (In-Hand Trail) in the American Miniature Horse Association in 2016, Lana followed by achieving 5 World Championship titles at the Pinto World Championship Show in 2017 in Halter, Hunter, Jumper and In Hand Trail leading her Miniature Horses, 4 year old Samis Feels Like The First Time and 2 year old KKMC The Perfect Storm. 

Returning to Pinto World in 2018, Lana accomplished 4 additional World Championships in two different divisions for Hunter and Jumper In Hand, and concluded 2018 with an AMHA World Championship and Reserve World Championship in Open Halter Obstacle, and a World Championship respectably in Adult Showmanship. In 2019, Lana and KKMC The Perfect Storm achieved a triple crown of wins at the Pinto World Championship in Open Hunter, Open Jumper & Open In Hand Trail, sealing the Solid Miniature Horse Highpoint title.

Coaching her students from around the world, Lana’s natural ability to teach and empowering attention to detail relates to all disciplines and skill levels of the horse industry. Lana teaches her clients to channel their energy in conjunction with their horse creating a customized connection tailored to each student. Her tools are proven to build a lasting relationship with your horse and the pathway to achieving your ultimate groundwork experience. 

Introducing the first ever Miniature Horse Groundwork Training series in early 2016 pertaining to world class skills in natural groundwork, Showmanship, Halter Obstacle and Longe Line, she now sells her new programs including Miniature Horse Basic-Advanced Groundwork, Miniature Horse Longe Line & Shankless Liberty Training Series, Natural Miniature Showmanship, Basic & Intermediate Level In Hand Trail, Rescue Miniature Horse Groundwork,  Hunter/Jumper and Trick Training along with her full sized horse collection, Optimize Your Groundwork 101, Optimize Your Riding, Natural Longe Line, Natural In-Hand Trail and Natural Showmanship designed for all ages and disciplines of horses. 

Traveling globally teaching Clinics and Lessons in 2017, Lana introduced the new Star Point School for Miniature and Pony Horsemanship in early 2018, designed to give students worldwide a "virtual clinic experience." Lana continues to build her client base globally and inspire all levels of horseman to reach for the stars. The Star Point Method has produced World and National Champion competitors in the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.